Wednesday, August 15, 2018

WATCH Weekly Report 08-15-18

** WATCH Weekly Report 08-15-18 ** 
To the WATCH Board, Judges, and Alternates:

As you can see below, there are no shows in production for the next few weeks.  But please check the closed section to see if you have any outstanding ballots, and use this down time to get your ballots done.  Although technically you have 30 days from closing to get in your ballot, we highly recommend you do them as soon after seeing the show as possible while it is still fresh in your mind, ideally within 10 days.

Also, Margaret is back from vacation and all ballot confirmations have been sent.  So if you sent in a ballot, but did not receive a confirmation, please let Margaret and me know.

NOTE:  Balloting for a show closes 30 days after the show closes.  If you owe us a ballot, please get it in as soon as possible.

Margaret is on vacation so no ballot confirmations have been received since last week’s report went out.  If you know you already submitted your ballot, please don’t worry that your name is still on the list.

Friendly Reminders:

1.      DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.  It’s very long, and the reply will include the entire thing, clogging my inbox.  Please send a new email to
2.      DO email me your reservation dates.  Really, I want to know!
3.      DO search this entire report for your name, including in the “Closed” section to see if you owe any ballots.
4.      If you go see a show that you were not assigned to see, please let me know in case we need an alternate.  Try to keep the playbills for all shows you see at WATCH company theaters, at least until you see that it has closed with all ballots received.  Similarly, if you see a note that an alternate is needed and you are available to see that show, please let me know.


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CLOSING THIS WEEK (no shows close by August 19)


OPENING THIS WEEK (no shows open August 17)


RUNNING (no shows are running now)


OPENING NEXT WEEK (no shows open August 24)


OPENING IN TWO WEEKS (no shows open August 31)


CLOSED – 110 shows: 68 closed - 60 with all ballots, 6 with outstanding ballots, 2 closed with less than 10 ballots.

Note: Only recently closed shows and those still missing ballots appear below.  57 additional shows have closed with all ballots received.

Rockville Little Theatre (RLT) – The Underpants
January 26 – February 4

PCP Judge 2          Carol Coyle Shea – missed because of weather - NO BALLOT

Colonial Players of Annapolis (CPA) – Casa Valentina
May 25 – June 17

RMT Judge 2         Ruth Orland – NO BALLOT

2nd Star Productions (SSP) – Ragtime
June 1 – 30

Laurel Mill Playhouse (LMP) – Laughing Stock
June 29 – July 15

Aldersgate Church Community Theater (ACCT) – Enchanted April
July 6 – 22

DTC Judge 2         Bill Brown – reserved
SSI Judge 4           TJ Lukacsina – reserved

Rockville Musical Theatre (RMT) – Anything Goes
July 6 – 22

DS Judge 3            Gary DiNardo – reserved

Bowie Community Theatre (BCT) – Becky's New Car
July 13 – 29

Prince William Little Theatre (PWLT) – Barnum
July 20 – 29

SSI Judge 4           TJ Lukacsina – reserved

Port Tobacco Players (PTP) – Catch Me If You Can, The Musical
July 13 – August 5

DS Judge 3            Gary DiNardo – reserved
PWLT Judge 3      Chrissy Mastrangelo – alt Don Wilson – reserved

Silver Spring Stage (SSS) – The House of Blue Leaves
July 13 – August 4

TAP Judge 4          Will Shingler
BCT Judge 2         Rose Talbot
RLT Judge 3          Ken Kemp - reserved
SSI Judge 4           TJ Lukacsina – reserved

Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA) – Jesus Christ Superstar
July 21 – August 11

DTC Judge 3         Shelly Horn – reserved
PTP Judge 1          AnnaBelle Lowe – reserved
RTP Judge 3          Jessica Cooperstock - reserved


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