Wednesday, April 1, 2020

WATCH Weekly Report 04-01-20

** WATCH Weekly Report 04-01-20 ** 
To the WATCH Board, Judges, and Alternates:

I have been reminded that today is April Fool’s Day, so I wanted reassure everyone that none of the below is an April Fool’s joke.  Frankly, I wish it were.  But the world is a surreal enough place right now without calling anything else into question.

I am still waiting to hear from a number of people who were assigned to see a show that closed early.  Please, please, please check the closed section below and if you see your name without a “MISSED” notation next to it, let me know if you saw it or not.  We cannot close ballots for these shows until we know how many we can expect.  Reps, please feel free to reach out to your judges as well about this.  

Since there are no shows running or opening soon, I have decided to remove these sections of the report for the time being.  I look forward to the day when they return.

Theater schedules have continued to change.  Below is a running list of changes, with the latest additions/changes bolded for easy identification:

And Then There Were None at KAT: Rescheduled for July 17 – 26 (originally opening 5/1)
Arcadia at GAC: Cancelled
Blue Stockings at LTA: Cancelled
Calendar Girls at SSI: Cancelled
Catch Me if You Can at SSI: Cancelled
Cinderella at CRT: Postponed until Spring 2021 (originally opening 5/1)
The Children’s Hour at GAC: Cancelled
Dearly Beloved at PTP: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 5/15)
Freaky Friday at CPA: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 4/3)
Hand to God at DS: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 4/24)
Into the Woods at SMP: No information, but assume it won’t open on time (originally opening 5/1)
Legally Blonde at PTP: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 7/10)
Lobby Hero at SSS: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 4/17)
Mamma Mia at RCP: Cancelled
On Golden Pond at ACCT: Postponed, new dates July 10 – 26 (originally opening 3/20)
Picnic ay PPF: Cancelled
Legally Blonde at PTP: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 7/10)
Pride and Prejudice at SSS: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 5/15)
The Revolutionists at CPA: Postponed, new dates September 11 – October 3 (originally opening 5/29)
Rock of Ages at ASGT: Postponed until 2021 (originally opening 5/21)
Rumors at LTA: Cancelled
Sister Act at PWLT: Cancelled, new dates TBD (originally opening 3/13)
Spamalot at TAP: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 4/18)
Sweeney Todd at RTP: Postponed, new dates TBD (originally opening 5/8)
True West at CFTC: Postponed until August/September (originally opening 4/24)
Wedding Belles at ACCT: Postponed until Spring 2021 (originally opening 7/10)
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown at PTP: Will be reopening, dates TBD (this show has been removed from the Closed list)

Of course all the rescheduled dates remain tentative. 

More reminders for the moment:

1.      If you have seen an assigned show in the Closed list, please get your ballot in ASAP

2.      If you have seen one of the closed shows to which you were not assigned and can fill out an alternate ballot, please let me know

3.      And if you missed a show because it closed early, please let me know that as well (if you don’t see “MISSED” next to your name, I don’t know if you saw it or not)

4.      WATCH reps, please keep me posted on any changes to your theater’s schedule.  Many of you have already been doing this and I have gotten some info from websites as they are updated, but there are a number of shows coming up in April and May on which I have no info

Thanks.  And stay safe and healthy.

NOTE:  Balloting for a show closes 30 days after the show closes.  If you owe us a ballot, please get it in as soon as possible.

Friendly Reminders:

1.      DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.  It’s very long, and the reply will include the entire thing, clogging my inbox.  Please send a new email to
2.      DO email me your reservation dates.  Really, I want to know!
3.      DO search this entire report for your name, including in the “Closed” section to see if you owe any ballots.
4.      If you go see a show that you were not assigned to see, please let me know in case we need an alternate.  Try to keep the playbills for all shows you see at WATCH company theaters, at least until you see that it has closed with all ballots received.  Similarly, if you see a note that an alternate is needed and you are available to see that show, please let me know.
5.      If you have access to a scanner, Margaret would love to receive copies of the program for every show that you judge.  You can email this directly to her by replying to your ballot confirmation for any show.


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Just the Facts -

CLOSED – 110 shows in 2020: 23 closed - 14 with all ballots, 9 with outstanding ballots, 0 closed with less than 10 ballots.

Note: Only recently closed shows and those still missing ballots appear below.  14 additional shows have closed with all ballots received.

The Victorian Lyric Opera Company (VLOC) – The Pirates of Penzance
February 21 – March 1

ASGT Judge 4       Carolyn Kirby – reserved, ballot sent
PWLT Judge 3      Becky Gould-Levine – reserved

Kensington Arts Theatre (KAT) – No Sex Please, We're British
February 21 – March 8

LMP Judge 1         Larry Simmons – reserved

Colonial Players of Annapolis (CPA) – Book of Days
February 21 – March 14

PTP Judge 1          AnnaBelle Lowe – reserved

Laurel Mill Playhouse (LMP) – Moonlight and Magnolias
February 21 – March 15

SSP Judge 4          Kim Ethridge – reserved

Reston Community Players (RCP) – The Diary of Anne Frank
February 28 – March 14

ACCT Judge 4      Carolyn Ricks – reserved
GAC Judge 2        Roy Peterson – reserved

Silver Spring Stage (SSS) – Perfect Arrangement
February 21 – March 14

SMP Judge 2         Ernesto Molina – reserved

Fauquier Community Theatre (FCT) – Night Must Fall
March 13 – 29

HBP Judge 3         Heather Bauer
KAT Judge 4         Kat Brais
PWLT Judge 1      Pam Cribbs  – alt Don Wilson – saw show
RCP Judge 2         Joey Olson
RTP Judge 4          Sallie Willows – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
SSP Judge 4          Kim Ethridge
SSS Judge 3          Amy Sullivan – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING

Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA) – Moonlight and Magnolias
February 29 – March 21

BCT Judge 3         Alan Barnett – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
HBP Judge 2         Kaitelyn Bauer Dieguez – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
MP Judge 3           Anne VanDercook – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
PWLT Judge 2      Natalie Foley – reserved
SSI Judge 3           Rebecca Hanauer – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
TCP Judge 3          Vicki Cline – reserved

Rockville Little Theatre (RLT) – The Spitfire Grill
March 6 – 22

CRT Judge 2         Nancy Kiffer – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
FCT Judge 1          Chris Noe – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
LTA Judge 2         Jennifer Lyman – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
SSI Judge 1           TJ Lukacsina – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING
VLOC Judge 3      Rishabh Bajekal – MISSED DUE TO EARLY CLOSING


Okay, thanks!